All of the classes in The Youth Fitness Program at THE GYM are designed to help kids understand the importance of having a lifestyle that involves sports and exercise. The programs provide young athletes with fun ways to keep moving while the instructors teach the most efficient way to accomplish that. Each program focuses on different, enjoyable ways to stay active so that children can incorporate health and exercise into their daily lives at a young age.
Winter 2014 Youth Fitness Schedule and Brochure (PDF)

Winter 2014 Youth Fitness Registration Form (PDF)

Winter 2014 Youth Program Calendar (PDF)
The goal and vision of THE GYM’s Youth Fitness Program is to get children engaged in fitness, a lifetime of movement, while introducing them to a health club environment. All classes are fun so every child can learn to enjoy sports. Positive experiences with physical activity at a young age can help every child reach a goal of regular physical activity throughout their lives.
Our Mission is to create a fair, organized and educational environment for children from elementary school age through the age of 14 so they can learn an appreciation for health and fitness that will continue into adulthood.

Research shows that regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence helps build stronger bones and muscles, control weight, reduce anxiety and stress, increase self-esteem and reduce the risk of premature diseases. Positive experiences with physical activity at a young age can help your child start a lifetime of beneficial physical activity.

Our programs are designed to help make a positive change. Why not give your children and their friends the gift of activity that can last the rest of their lives?

THE GYM’s Basketball Programs are run by Michael Kach who is a personal fitness and sports trainer here at THE GYM. Mike was a four time all section basketball player at Carmel high school where he still holds the all time leading scoring record. He went on to play 4 years of Division I basketball at the University of Pennsylavania. In college, Mike played in three NCAA tournaments and won three Ivy League Championships. Mike has taken his basketball knowledge and experience and created training programs and leagues that are effective for girls and boys of all ages.
At THE GYM, we understand the importance of integrating fitness into children’s daily lives at a young age. Our Pre-Kindergarten classes are designed to introduce sports and exercise through enjoyable, effective games, enabling youngsters to have fun while they work out. This program teaches 3-5 year olds how to warm up, stretch, and complete simple exercises properly before engaging in fun and fast-paced sports and games. The hour long classes are jam-packed with tons of activities that will get your little one’s heart pumping and provide them with the perfect amount of exercise for the day.
he Youth Program at THE GYM offers sport specific classes and lessons to kids of all ages. Qualified instructors use specific training techniques to improve our young athlete’s skill level, while honing in on important mechanics which make a strong and successful athlete.
THE GYM can customize a fun Birthday Party package filled with all of your child’s favorite sports and fun activities.
•Sport Specific Parties
•Multi-Sport Parties
•Color War Parties
•Fitness / Zumba Parties
•Parties with Bouncy Castle, Sports and Gymnastics

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